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Career Highlights

  • 2nd place World Martial Games 2012, Telford, England (Blackbelt Continuous Sparring)
  • 2008 World Karate Union Hall of Fame "Outstanding contribution to martial arts award"
  • 2 times Canadian National Martial Arts team member for World Martial Arts Games 2005 & 2008
  • 3rd Dan Full Contact Karate/Kickboxing
  • 2nd Dan Freestyle Karate
  • 1st Dan Kyokushin Karate
  • Certified Kickboxing Instructor
  • Certified Self Defence Instructor
  • Certified Level A Judge/Referee
  • 2nd place World Martial Arts Games 2008 (Black Belt Forms)
  • 3rd place World Karate Union International Tournament 2008 (Black Belt Forms)
  • 1st place Western Open Martial Arts Challenge 2006 (Black Belt Continuous Sparring)
  • 2nd place Tiger Balm Internationals 2006 (Sanshou Fighting)
  • 3rd Place Western Canadian Martial Arts Challenge 2005 (Black Belt Continuous Sparring)
  • Contributing editor, translator and writer of over 150 articles for top martial arts and sports magazines in Iran, Canada, USA and England
  • Judge and referee in national and international martial arts events
  • Life time member and ambassador to many respected international martial arts organizations

About Us

Sensei Alireza Fadaie

Welcome message from the head instructor

I took my first Karate lessons after falling in love with legendary Bruce Lee movies at age 6 back in 1983. Martial arts has been a life time passion and helped me a lot with personal development, self confidence and getting rid of insecurity. While I am a life time student myself, I enjoy teaching and sharing what I know with my students and friends.

I have had wonderful instructors who have been huge influence in my life and I have also trained with instructors who simply didn’t deserve their title. A good instructor is like a good friend who enjoys watching your progress and satisfaction with your training and that is my commitment to you.

I am an old school teacher who believes in loyalty and respect and want you to truly enjoy every single training session.

You can email me at  or call me at 604-999-1356 to book your private or semi private lesson.

Sensei Alireza Fadaie


Warriors club was founded in 2008 to provide the top quality training in Mixed Martial Arts, Reality Based Self Defence and fitness. The curriculum is based on years of research on various styles and training with some of the best trainers of the world. We combine the most effective martial arts techniques with great work out to make a complete martial artist and top athlete from you.


  • +Private and semi private training at our designated locations or at your place
  • +Corporate training package
  • +Intensive 30 hours self defence crash course
  • +Competition training