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Meal plans and nutrition for athletes


Nutrition is as important as exercise for combat athletes. Check out this article by my friend Leanne Babcock:

My experience with Yoga Dojo


I tried a session at Yoga Dojo with my friend Paul Nijar and here is my review.

My experience with Yoga Dojo

Interview with head instructor of Richmond Martial Arts


Master Johnny Ahmed is a successful martial arts school owner and good friend of ours. Click the link to read his interview:

Interview with Sabah “The Persian Warrior” Fadai


Here is the interview with the MMA fighter Sabah “The Persian Warrior” Fadai

Interview with Russian fight scientist, George Basargin


I had a pleasure of talking to former heavyweight Sanshou champion and a very knowledgable trainer, George Basargin. Read the full interview at

Counter against low kick


Watch this instructional video to learn how to counter against low kick

How to defend a knee kick


How to block a leg (low) kick


Low kicks are very effective and well utilized techniques but it is amazing how many people don’t know how to block them properly. Here is the right way to do it:

Burnaby Now Article


Here is the article from Burnaby Now with Sensei Alireza Fadaie:

WOMAA World Martial Games 2012


Sensei Alireza Fadaie the head instructor of Warriors Club won a silver medal at 2012 WOMAA World Martial Games which was held at Telford, England from August 17-19. He won a silver medal in black belt continuous sparring in heavyweight division.