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Archive for August, 2008

2008 World Martial Games


I am back from 2008 World Martial Games in Castlebar, Ireland. It was one of my most memorable martial arts experiences. I got silver medal in black belt forms and strong presence in self defence and continuous sparring. I was judge and referee at the main events and it was a first class experience for me.

Action Article


My first article for US based martial arts magazine. Check it out at

It is a report of Cung Le’s Seminar at Richmond, British Columbia.

North Shore News Article


I was delighted to see a full page article on North Shore News August 3rd issue.

Check it out:

Cung Le Seminar


Back from Cung Le seminar, great seminar with some of the most effective take down techniques. Intensive training and at the end there was some sparring and Q&A. Overall the seminar was just great, can’t think of anything better ;-)

I interview Cung five years ago for the leading Iranian Martial arts magazine by email and meeting him in his seminar after five years was really cool.

Look forward for his article in Files magazine, the leading magazine in martial arts at Vancouver.